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Kilmore Sunday School




Sunday School  usually takes place between September and the following May of each year.

Please encourage children and young people from our Congregations and community to come along and learn about the Lord Jesus through Sunday School.

Sunday School is open to all children of school age.
Sunday School is a lot of fun and hopefully children attending are stimulated and encouraged as they learn about our Lord Jesus.  Our Teachers and Helpers are most dedicated and offer a wonderful opportunity to all children who come along each Sunday.

On Holy Communion Sundays (1st Sunday of the Month), children attending Sunday School go straight to the Church Hall at 10.30am and join the service in church during a hymn following the sermon, for the act of Holy Communion.  Children are most welcome to come forward with their families or friends and receive a simple prayer of blessing.

On the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday's of the Month, when the service is Morning Prayer, all children go straight to church for the initial part of the service and leave for Sunday School after a short children's address.


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