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Genealogy Requests Information

Searching for your Family History?

Enquiries to the Rector for inspection of records of both Parishes are most welcome, however the applicant must be aware that Parish responsibilities must take precedence over Family History enquiries.

Before making an enquiry, please ensure that you are contacting the correct Parish that ought to hold the records of your Family History.  The Rector of Kilmore & St Saviour's has access to Records belonging to these parishes only. 

Please also ensure that the date of the record entry that you seek (Baptism / Marriage / Burial) is as accurate as possible in order to reduce the time involved in the search.

The applicant ought also to consult the guidelines on the Church of Ireland Website regarding Genealogy Searches and costs involved, before contacting the Rector for assistance.

We wish you well on your quest!


Genealogy Requests/Searches relating to St Aiden’s Parish Church, Kilmore -
please contact the Graveyard Registrar preferrably between 1400hrs - 1800hrs or e-mail - with details -   Thank You

General Requests regarding burials within Kilmore Graveyard please contact:-

Graveyard Registrar for Kilmore (St Aidan’s) Parish Church, Kilmore Co. Armagh)












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