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As parishes we are continuing on a Church of Ireland Parish Development programme called Church 21.  The intention of this programme is to discern a vision for our parishes and determine how we might serve God more effectively.  Two initiatives as an outcome of this process are already happening; Weekly Prayer Meetings and Quarterly Men’s Breakfasts.  New initiatives are planned during the year ahead.


       As the Parishes of Kilmore and St Saviour ,we desire to be people who :

- Befriend through the love of God

- Belong as a family of God

- Believe in the power of God


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Church 21 process thus far.  Notes arising out of discussion during the Preparation Course are available at Church Entrances.  This document will also available to download from the Parish Website.  If you have having difficulty in accessing a copy of the Notes and would like them, please speak to a Parish Church 21 Facilitator, who will very happy to obtain them for you.

St Saviour’s Facilitators -  Mr Graham Lavery & Mr Martin Clayton
Kilmore Facilitators    -     Mrs Heather Black

  Church 21 - Preparation Course Meeting Notes


Thursday, December 3rd (07:00pm): Church 21 Meal and Evening Meeting in Loughgall Parish Hall.  All Parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend and contribute to discussion as we consider a vision for ministries in our Parishes.  Sign up sheets are found at church entrances.  A choice of delicious meals prepared by a   local chef are available and anyone with special dietary requirements are asked to speak to the Rector.  Donations towards costs of the evening will be received on the night (suggested £10).


Church 21 Update: Having identified key areas of ministry to consider during the Church 21 Preparation Course, the Facilitators are currently engaged in preparing a ‘Vision Statement’ for our parishes and a Strategy for development of new initiatives.

During incoming weeks a Special Event will be held to share the Vision Statement and Strategy with Parishioners for consultation.  When details are more clear, everyone will be invited to attend.  In the meantime, if you have any queries or thoughts about this process, please feel free to speak to the Rector or the Church 21 Facilitators.  We will be most happy to discuss this exciting project with you at any time.

St Saviour’s Facilitators -  Mr Graham Lavery & Mr Martin Clayton
Kilmore Facilitators    -     Mrs Heather Black



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